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Keep Calm and Carry On

Have you ever seen this “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster?

                                                            Source: en.wikipedia.org via Emily on Pinterest


I’m pretty much in love with art that incorporates words. I don’t know why. I just love it. I’m also sort of into origins (as illustrated by this post). And while I’ve liked this poster for some time now, after watching this video last night (thanks to Young House Love‘s post on twitter!) and seeing the words in their historical context, I have a whole new appreciation for it. The video is only a few minutes long and much of the photography is beautiful. Such a fascinating story!


He Told The Story Well

In Acts 7, we encounter Stephen defending himself to the high priest, who along with others intent on silencing the mighty work of the Holy Spirit through Stephen, had accused him {wrongly} of speaking “blasphemous words against Moses and God” (Acts 6:11).

Yet even under the accusation of blasphemy and the threat of imminent death, Stephen told the story. And he told the story well.

Beginning with the promise God had given to Abraham when He called him to the land that God would reveal (Genesis 12), and the covenant God established of giving this land to Abraham’s offspring (of which Abraham had none at the time), to the account of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, to Moses’ encounter with the burning bush where God spoke the message to deliver His people from Egypt, to the account of David and Solomon, who built the dwelling place for the Most High God, to the Righteous One (Christ) and the power of the Holy Spirit, with whom Stephen was filled, after first living it by example, Stephen told the story … their history … of God’s faithfulness and redemption.

Because of his knowledge of and familiarity with the Scriptures {which he quoted significantly} and because of the Holy Spirit’s presence within, Stephen told the redemptive story, which culminated in convicting questions to his audience. Stoned shortly thereafter, he gave his life to tell the story. To challenge those around him who repeatedly resisted the Holy Spirit. Because this story, HIS story, is everything.

Do you know this story? Are you a living example of this story? Do you know the Scriptures? Are you relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to tell the story in unlikely (and often uncomfortable) situations?

Stephen told the story well. Will you?

**ps: have you heard of “The Story” project (CD pictured above)? if not, go here or here for more information. it. is. awesome.**