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Saturday Plans

saturday plans

My Saturday plans pretty much consist of the following:

Drinking coffee in my favorite chair
Doing laundry
Reading something just for fun (probably “The Brothers Karamazov”)
Cleaning the house … at least parts of it
Watching a movie
Sending a few long over-due emails
Enjoying some much needed down time

What are some of your Saturday plans?

Happy Weekend!


Photo of the Week: Forty Two & Forty Three

This is what an early Saturday evening in November looks like after a physically draining, but spiritually refreshing worship ministries retreat Friday night and all day Saturday to prepare/rehearse for our Christmas concerts.

And yes, since I’ve been absent from the blog since the end of the 31 Days series, this photo is pulling double duty as photo of the week 42 and 43, so that I can finish the photo of the week posts on December 30th with photo 50. I know … that’s not technically a full year. But close enough. And hey, it’s my blog, so my rules. Grin.

And since we’re on the subject of being absent from the blog, I really haven’t even been writing much (or involved in social media much) since I wrapped up that series. Life on this side of the screen has been full, and my mind has welcomed the break.

But be on the lookout for a real post later this week.

Until then, the Compassion bloggers are heading to Peru in a couple of days, and you should plan to go follow their stories here … you will not be sorry.

Hope your weekend has been full of good rest and much joy!

“…why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer. But this I know with all my heart: His wounds have paid my ransom.”

Paint Party!

As planned, I spent all day Saturday prepping and painting the soon-to-be-ridiculously-amazing-office-and-writing-space.

It only took eight hours, four movies (A Few Good Men, Kate & Leopold, Cool Runnings, and The Parent Trap), two coats of paint, and one broken roller.

I seriously spent about half the time painting scared to death that the color was still too pink. It’s not that I have anything against the color pink, but it wasn’t really what I was going for on my walls.

So I went back and forth between saying “I’m afraid this is too pink” and “I’m afraid I’m a really bad painter” to which my roommate would respond “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you a scaredy-cat” to which I would answer “I might have to agree”.

The final color was called “tattered sail,” and while I’m still not convinced it’s the perfect shade, it will do. Typing that just made me think of this line from the movie, Babe: “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.” ha!

Moral to this story: I’m not sure you should let me choose your paint color or paint your walls. Even if I end up choosing a satisfactory color and the paint job looks great in the end, I might doubt myself the entire 8 hours its going on the walls…

By the end of the day, I probably had as much paint on me as the walls (maybe that’s why I almost ran out…). Seriously, from my head to my toes. I would show you my paint-highlighted hair or the paint that managed to splatter on my lips (how does that even happen?), but trust me, it’s better that you not be subjected to that.

Overall, I’m actually quite pleased with the way the paint job turned out. My edges actually look straight and the color is much less pink than I had feared.

So, I would call that a success and one more step completed.

Up next: the furniture!

Saturday Agenda

This week, it seems my mind has run on overdrive, my body has run on empty, and my soul has had little room to breathe.

So my Saturday agenda looks something like this…

1. Drink coffee. With whipped cream. Just because.

2. Spend the morning at the pool.

3. Bake this banana cake.

4. Spend time in God’s Word (studying Joseph).

What is (or was) on your Saturday agenda?