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I’m Headed Back to Guatemala … in Less Than 12 Hours!

That’s right. I’m headed back to Guatemala … and my flight leaves crazy early tomorrow morning.

I’m so looking forward to seeing and hugging some friends from the last trip in February, reconnecting with some ministry contacts on the ground, and meeting and serving with this whole new team that the Lord has brought together (seriously, we have prayed HARD at several different points in the process for this specific team that the Lord has gathered!).

But really, I’m mostly looking forward to just being in the Lord’s presence in Guatemala again and to joining Him where He’s already at work there.

headed back to guatemala

A few weeks ago, I began to feel incredibly uncertain about this trip. I could not for the life of me think of one good reason why I was going. I have no doubt it was the enemy attempting to get in the way.

But the Lord has been so faithful to remind me in small and subtle ways … through His word, through prayer and communion with Him, through His people … of exactly why I’m going. As if I should ever expect anything less.

When I left Guatemala in February, I knew I was leaving a piece of my heart and a piece of myself there. I fell in love with that place, and more importantly, with its people. I had no idea if I would ever have the opportunity to go back. But the impression on my heart the whole way home was that if God opened a door for me to go back, I needed to walk through it. I just had no idea that door would be flung so wide open so soon!

So, I still don’t know the specifics of why I’m going to Guatemala for the next five days. But who needs that anyways? I know without a doubt this trip is a step taken in both obedience and faith. And that’s a pretty sweet and freeing place to be.

I’m expecting God to work in big ways … in HIS ways … even if they aren’t big by my standards. And I’m expecting to serve Him according to HIS plans … even if they aren’t at all like my own.

This trip is His, and I can’t wait to see how He furthers His kingdom in and through it.

Would you join me in praying for this trip?

that this team the Lord has gathered would serve as one,
that the Lord would go before us and walk beside us the whole way,
that we would have eyes to see where the Lord is working and willing hearts to join Him there,
that we would love and serve those around us with Christ’s perfect love and servant heart,
that in the moments when we fear our own inadequacy and weakness we would immediately lay our fears at the feet of Jesus and press on in His strength and power,
that lives would be changed, that souls would be redeemed,
and that the name of Jesus would be boldly proclaimed in all that we say and do!

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this way. Prayer is so powerful and it truly means more than I can adequately express to know there are so many people lifting up this trip who are equipped with that sort of power!

I am not planning to blog while in Guatemala, and internet access will definitely be limited, but if I’m able, I will post updates on twitter (@emily_gallimore) and/or instagram (@egallimore), and I will look forward to sharing more in this space once we return home.

The Beach

Because sometimes you just need to get away for a weekend of nothingness, and the beach is one of my favorite places to go for that, last weekend my roommate, B, and I headed to Ocean Isle Beach for a relaxing and low-key couple of days full of beach time, no schedules, afternoon naps, reading, comfy clothes, chinese take-out, sunshine, resting, enjoying the little things, and chasing beauty. I left my big camera at home this time, but here are a few instagram shots from the trip…


I’m Going Back to Guatemala! Want to Come?

At the beginning of February, I traveled to Guatemala with an amazing team of strangers-turned-friends under the leadership of author Jeff Goins on a vision trip based on his book, Wrecked, that could only have been planned and orchestrated by God.

Those few short days in Guatemala left me emptied of myself and forever changed.

I came away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a small part of God’s bigger story by simply being available and humbly learning from and loving on His people.

going back to guatemala

Two months later, I’m still processing and learning what it means to live fully and love well in each moment while being confronted with a sort of uncomfortable tension that won’t let me sit complacently doing my own thing, fulfilling my own selfish desires, because more than anything my heart longs to live for the Lord and to serve where and how He leads.

But even all of that seems rather unimportant. Because none of this is about me at all.

It’s about Christ. It’s about His love for His people. It’s about His beautiful and glorious redemption.

When I left Guatemala, I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity to go back. But not long after we returned, one of my new friends-who-feels-more-like-family, Alene, began to share that God was speaking to her about taking a team back to Guatemala.

Specifically back to Guatemala City to serve with Potter’s House and in the community of Treasures surrounding the dump.

So, I’m going back to Guatemala with her team October 9-13th, 2013!!

And you’re invited, too!

Watch this video to get a glimpse of our trip in February…

Is God speaking to your heart to go and serve with us in Guatemala City?

Find out more details and information HERE and HERE.

5 Things

5things (grandparents)

1. Two weeks ago, my mom and I headed up to Northern Virginia to see my grandparents  and uncle for the weekend. Even though we discovered a minor leak in their basement that required immediate repair, we had a great time just spending time together for a couple of days. One of the days we were there, I did my make-up in my grandparents’ bedroom (the light was better in there…) while MeMaw was still getting ready in there, too. I may be 27, but there was still something kind of special about that.

5things (baby dedication)

2. Last weekend, I had the amazing privilege of attending a baby dedication for little miss Kenzie (held by two of her grandparents in the above photo above and totally giving her mommy a look that says, “Hey, Mom, are we about done with all these photos?” ha! She really was a trooper and so happy the whole time!). This sweet family is just precious to me. I am beyond grateful to call them friends, and have loved watching them step into this role as parents. It was pure joy to be a part of this commitment to raise Kenzie in a way that honors and glorifies God and points her to her own relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.

5things (wedding)

3. Speaking of privileges, last night I attended a beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple. Such a sweet ceremony and fun evening with friends.

5things (speak truth)

4. This verse (and this message) is still on my heart. I love how the Lord is stirring some of your hearts in the same way!

5things (cookies)

5. And now, I’m off to check my kitchen to make sure I have the ingredients on hand for these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies that I found on Pinterest this morning. They look SO good!

Places I Would Love to Go

I don’t think the title of this post is grammatically correct, but I’ve spent the last two Fridays on I-85, and with two trips in the works for later this year, lately I’ve been thinking and dreaming about some of the places I would love to go.

places i would love to go

So in no particular order, I’d love to go to…

1. Hawaii – Islands. Volcanoes. Trees. Beaches. Beauty.

2. Jamaica –  I have no idea. It just sounds fun.

3. Estes Park, CO – Ok, technically I’ve already been there, but it was for business, so it was only for a couple of days and mostly spent in a hotel conference room. The pace of life out there just seems so inviting, and you can’t beat the views.

4. Italy – Does this really need further explanation?

5. Nashville, TN – I hear the culture is pretty incredible. And some of the people are pretty incredible, too.

6. Greece – Yep. I would absolutely go back there. The photo in this post is one of my favorites from Mykonos.

7. Disney World – Who doesn’t need a little Mickey Mouse in their life? And I’ve never been.

8. Africa – I have always wanted to go on a mission trip to somewhere in Africa. Hopefully someday if/as the Lord leads and allows, that will happen.

9. West Coast – Specifically, San Diego and Seattle. But really, I just want to see a sunset over the Pacific Ocean out there.

10. Guatemala – It feels like part of my heart will forever be there.

Since it’s the weekend, care to dream a little with me?

Where would you love to go?

Photo of the Week: Thirty Three

I just got back yesterday from spending four days in Houston, TX visiting with some very dear friends and their 2-month-old baby. I had the best time with them … hanging out, catching up, going shopping, taking photos and loving on that sweet baby! We had a super quick mini photography session Sunday night, and I love this shot I got of little miss Kenzie and her Daddy!

Love all three of you so much … thanks again for having me!

With Paragraphs & Everything…

It’s been awfully quiet over here, no?

Technically it’s time for another photo of the week (and I do have one ready to go, so it will be up in the next day or so), and I know it’s past time for another devo thought, and I even considered doing a “5 Things” post because those are always fun and relatively easy, but since it’s been so long since I’ve actually “shown up” around here, I decided on a real post instead … with paragraphs and everything.

It’s certainly not for lack of content that I’ve been missing from this space. My energy has just been spent elsewhere.

This past month {maybe a little longer…} has been just plain full and, as usual, I struggle to find balance in the fullness. I love my community, my commitments, and my friends, but when I open the calendar on my too-smart-for-its-own-good phone to see multiple dots on each day of every weekend {and several in between} for a solid month, I get exhausted just thinking about it, tend to lose perspective, and then the temptation to pull away {and if I’m being really honest, to hide!} is great.

I suppose in those moments, maybe it’s a good thing that I DO have commitments and hiding is just not an option.

Truthfully, effortless and encouraging conversations with precious friends over meals, on the phone driving across town, during movie intros, late at night on bedroom floors, and even while “exploring” unfamiliar industrial parks keep me going through these seasons that can leave me feeling somewhat disconnected because of the fullness. Especially when my calendar is not the only one that pulls in far too many directions all at once … it seems to be a problem that plagues many around this time of year.

And although I enjoy social media, and I so appreciate each one of you, some moments – maybe even some seasons – just aren’t intended for sharing in real time via this blog or twitter or instagram.

So I keep going knowing that sometimes quiet is best and sometimes quiet {at least in this space} is just necessary. I’m not gone for good. I’m still writing. And as things begin to slow down I’ll show up around here with more than just a photo a little more frequently.

And while I am very much looking forward to a slightly slower paced summer and enjoying more Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book {soon to be happening poolside! woot!}, I just don’t want to miss being fully present for all of the really great moments {from graduations and weddings to beach weekends and beyond} that this season of fullness has to offer … because there are many. And for that, I am truly grateful.

What are you looking forward to this summer and what moments are you grateful for in this season?